B&M Global Solutions (BM Global Solutions) has established its name within 3 years of its launch in the field of Academic Writing and content writing. BM Global Solutions thoroughly believe in working with utmost honesty and dedication in whatever we do and thus, it has lead in tremendous growth in the last 3 years. B&M Global Solutions strive to become the best company in the field of academic writing in near future. B&M Global Solutions deals in all kind of subjects and at all the levels from primary to PhD level. Here are few important points which needs to be taken care of by anybody who wishes to join B&M Global Solution / BM Global Solutions family:

  • The prices of academic writing start at 0.40 INR/word to 1 INR/word or more.
  • The price is fairly set for a particular writer for a particular period of time.
  • The increment policy at academic writing completely depends on the quality of the work provided by the writer and the quantity of the work an expert takes while the company needs support.
  • The behavior of an expert with the coordinators also contributes a fair deal in getting increment during the period of working with B&M Global Solutions.
  • Everybody who has zeal to research and write and has some spare time can join the BM Global Solutions family working as a research writer with us.
  • People having a full time job, having a part time job, housewives, college pass-outs ae already working with us. If you think, you have the zeal and patience to make it work, you can join BM Global Solutions too.
  • This is not a data entry job. The task of academic writing requires patience, research skills, paraphrasing (so as to avoid plagiarism) and most importantly able to put down your thoughts in your own words after the research work has been done.

Thus, if you think, you have well understood the above points and are ready to join BM Global Solutions a research writer, please fill out the form on the home page of BM Global Solutions to start the process and writing and start earning from the comfort of your home doing what you love the most.


We have 25 tutors at present working full time at the moment under the brand of B&M Global Solutions. The tutors of BM Global Solutions teach for all the levels and for different domains like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. In case you feel you are able to teach the students from around the world including India, you are most welcome to join B&M Global Solutions Family. Please fill out the form at the home page of BM Global Solutions to start the process of your earning while working from the comfort of your home doing what you love the most.

B&M Global Solutions - Recruitment Solutions


B&M Global Solutions is working with a lot of clients to create effective recruitment solutions for its clients PAN India and abroad as well. The detailed knowledge about this service of BM Global Solutions will be available during the course of time.