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  1. The company referred hereafter is B&M Global Solutions (BM Global Solutions, B&M Global Sol, BM Global Sol, B&M & BM).
  2. The expert or writer referred hereafter is freelance writers.
  3. That BM Global Solutions possesses all the rights and is the owner of all the academic assignments, whether in part or whole, which are submitted to the company.
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  6. If there is any issue raised with regards to the quality, format or referencing or plagiarism of an assignment by the company (BM Global Solutions), the expert must address all the concerns till the company is satisfied on it. In case the expert is unavailable or refuses to address the concerns, the acceptance of that particular assignment depends on the discretion of the management of the company on it.
  7. The company has a clear and distinct policy of monthly payments, and B&M Global Solutions do not encourage any other form of compensation policy.
  8. The freelance writers are completely responsible for any kind of risk involved in working with BM Global Solutions. The owners of the company in no way are liable for any kind of damage, loss of property, cost and claim or penalty suffered by the experts working with B&M Global Solutions.
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