Any content writing company promises to supply plagiarism free content to the clients and therefore requires those writers who can give plagiarism free content. For the convenience of the writers the company is giving them TURNITIN support which is a paid software support provided to them, which helps any writer to pass the content plagiarism free. In case, your research is well done and the content is plagiarized, the company will be providing you Turnitin report which will help you eradicate the duplicate content. It is to be noted that under no circumstances, the company is bound to provide the reports to a writer. A writer is supposed to deliver well researched and plagiarism free content in first go to the company.


B&M Global Solutions (BM Global Solutions) maintains 100% privacy and confidentiality of a writers’ data and their work. The information of BM Global Solutions shared by the writer during the registration and the work given by the writer is saved with BM Global Solutions and is never ever shared with any other 3rd party under any circumstances. However, In case of a legal probe, the company is free to share the details with the police and judiciary, if required.


B&M Global Solutions provides n number of writer friendly policies due to which our writer retention rate is above 90% since last 4 years. Some of the policies are FREE Turnitin support to the writers, timely payments on 7th of each month, interaction with the writers on daily basis, handling of the queries regarding the assignments and the payment, training to new writers, problem solving with old writers etc. These are few of our writer friendly policies.


A new writer joining any new writing company mostly is unsure of the intentions of a company. To address this, we have introduced bimonthly payments which help both writer and us gain mutual trust and allows the writer to work freely without being distracted by the worry of being not paid for the work done, which sadly is the case with many of the companies in this business.


The company has a well developed and established KPI and incentive system for its writers. A key performance indicator is in the company to demonstrate that the company is achieving the objectives monthly. The company also fosters incentive system which encourages better performance of a writer. To acknowledge the special work done by any of a writer we do have attractive incentives for that employee. To mention, B&M Global solution provides bonuses as well during festivals and anniversaries to its writers.


After the recruitment of the writer the company gives guidelines to its writers whenever they stuck with any of the assigned work they are assisted properly. The writers can ask about the queries number of times at BM Global Solutions and there is no doubt in this that BM Global Solutions will not respond. BM Global Solutions have kept all writers at ease so that they can provide the flawless material without any pressure. Moreover when we assign you that as we do consider your area of interest and the field in which you are holding your expertise.


There are so many companies that do not disclose the payment however; B&M Global Solutions (BM Global Solutions) policies are very much transparent. B&M Global Solutions gives you very handsome amount of salary depending on your experience and your qualification and expertise and provide you ample amount of opportunities to grow in the field of academic writing at BM Global Solutions.


B&M Global Solution policies are such that encourages flexibility in the work. If you are working as a freelancer writer with BM Global Solutions you have full freedom along with flexibility of the working hours and subjects to choose from. B&M Global Solutions do acknowledge the fact that people from diverse backgrounds such as housewives, graduates, post graduates, school pass outs, professors, full time working professionals are working with BM Global Solutions and thus, this policy of flexibility is chosen by the company.
If you believe that we are providing something which is from your domain in academic writing services you can apply for the same by dropping a confirmation mail at B&M Global Solutions. Academic coordinator of BM Global Solutions will be assigning you a particular job. However, as mentioned previously, the company provides you work as per your domain and choice of the working hours.